Hafiz Oil Feed

Cottonseed Oilcake provides a rich source of proteins and is extensively used as a protein supplement in livestock rations. Cotton Seed Meal is a common source of protein feed; it is produced in cotton producing areas such as Pakistan, India, China and USA. It is also a partial use of soybean meal. It is a by-product of oil extraction from cotton seed. Many methods are being used to extract cotton seed oil, that’s the reason we have different type of cotton seed meal differing on their fiber, protein and oil content.

Hafiz Oil Feed Factory supplies Cotton Seed Meal which is coarse and powdered material which is Rich in Protein, The Cotton Seed Meal is produced under hygienic conditions and is prepared after series many stages of oil extraction from decorticated Cotton Seed Cake.

We supply Cotton Seed Meal, Cotton Seed Cake, Cotton Seed Oil Meal, Expeller Cotton Seed Meal, Solvent-Extracted Cotton Seed Meal.

We serve our clients as a trusted business partners and committed to mutually shared value and believe in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.


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