Hafiz Brickworks

As part of the ongoing efforts to diversify the businesses of Hafiz Group of Companies (HGC), we also own a Brick Kiln. The Clay Bricks and Tiles are commonly used in building and constructions, and they are still very much in demand all around the Pakistan. The manufacturing of Clay bricks and Tiles is therefore an indispensable part of the current developmental projects in Pakistan.

Initially, in 2002, we leased a local brick kiln. When the demand for our high quality bricks increased in the market we decided to build a brick kiln in 2011 and add this business in our portfolio.

Currently, we are one of the most distinguished manufacturer and supplier of bricks. These are manufactured with the superior quality clay and material with advanced technology and machines. The range is subjected to special firing treatment to maintain the quality. These bricks are available mainly in 230mm Length x 50mm Height and 100mm Width, weighing approximately 3 kg per brick.