Hafiz Foods and Beverages

Hafiz Foods and Beverages was established in 2008. It was a food company using soft drinks processing and packaging as a stepping stone to enter into the food business which has made it one of the leading soft drink manufacturing organization of Pakistan.

After months of taste tests and formulation research, Hafiz Foods and Beverages has launched its five drinks – Apple Max, Malta, 11up, Honey Cola and Royal Anar. Marketed under the brand name Hafiz Foods (H.F), these drinks are made with the finest ingredients. H.F drinks offer a unique and refreshing taste, and are currently available in 300 ml, 5oo ml, 1 Liter and 1.5 Liter plastic bottles.

Hafiz Foods & Beverages is also producing premium quality Nectars and fruit based Juices in PET Bottles on most modern and state-of-the-art processing units. After the success of juice products Hafiz Foods aimed to diversify its excellence to other sectors. Top quality brands like Apple Max, Malta, 11up, Honey Cola and Royal Anaar are well known and in demand at homeland and internationally as well.

After the establishment of this company, Hafiz Foods made progress with every passing day. It expanded its product circle to the Mineral Water with brand name “Aqua Zone” and Mix Pickles with brand name “Tastey Pickle/Mazedar Achaar” which carry great potential. This organization is not only expanding its products but also maintaining its products standard and quality. Currently Hafiz Foods & Beverages is much popular among the food and beverage companies in Pakistan. With the entire efforts of this organization, it now exists among the market leaders companies.