Little Leaders School

Each child is born with enormous potential, which, given sensitive support, will unfold, revealing the uniqueness of each human being. Children learn best by doing, and that happy self-motivated learners form positive images of themselves as confident, successful people. Hafiz Group of Companies (HGC) created specially designed resources to foster independence and a love for learning from an early age. The Montessori approach is holistic and aims to develop the whole child.
Children are the challenge and inspiration of today and are the hope, protectors and champions of the future. Only parents and teachers can pass on a legacy that destines what the world tomorrow will be. Little Leaders School is the home of "love and joy" where each child is assisted in growing according to his natural design.
We believe while no child is exactly like another, for each the level of achievement can be raised, aspirations stirred, potential talents discovered and developed so that he/she can find his own worth and dignity and feel the thrill of success.

Our main goal in education is to provide an environment where each child aspires for excellence in all fields of life. To succeed in achieving the desired goal, we would need not only the devotion and dedication of the teachers, but also the total commitment of the taught, as well as the fullest cooperation of the parents.
Our environment allows each child to experience the excitement and joy of learning. We strive to help them to perfect their natural tools for learning so that their potential is uncovered to the maximum.

We enjoy working closely with pre-school aged children. In a specially prepared environment, the children participate in activities that allow them to grow and develop at their own pace. We help the children to develop themselves in a prepared Montessori environment which has a variety of choices for the young to choose from and work independently. Thus he/she learns everything without knowing that he is learning. Qualified Montessori directresses direct the children’s energies into constructive channels by guiding them with love, encouragement and affirmation so that they may develop the fullness of their own individual human potential through independence, inner discipline and discovery.

We hope that the time your child spends here will be both enjoyable and profitable. We look forward to a happy and successful association over the coming years, as we welcome parental involvement and encourage participation in the life of the school.

The prime purpose of our institute, Little Leaders School is to provide high quality education to the children from middle social strata by engaging them in adeptly designed learning processes as well as focusing on the development of their personality and character in accordance with Islamic values, thus enabling them not only to meet the challenges of ever-growing competitive world but also to contribute towards enrichment of Muslim Ummah.