Hafiz Livestock

Livestock is the most important sub-sector of agriculture in Pakistan. The demand for livestock products is increasing due to population growth, urbanization and economic development in the country. In view of the gap in the supply and demand situation in the country, Hafiz Livestock Farm started its operation in 2004. Our team of talented individuals strives to raise our animals with care, and utilizes modern and advanced farming practices to be efficient and sustainable. Therefore, in 2013, Hafiz Livestock Farm established proper Controlled Sheds, Milking Parlor and Sprinkler Showers to provide the requisite hygienic environment for its animals.

At Hafiz farms, we are practicing animal husbandry by using techniques such as artificial insemination. We are breeding American Holstein Bulls and Cows in our Farm. Holstein dairy cattle are famous for its unexcelled production, greater income over feed costs, unequaled genetic merit, and adaptability to a wide range of environmental conditions. Hafiz Livestock Farm also has Australian Cows which are highly regarded for their quality, their disease-free status and the volume of milk they produce.

American Holstein Bulls are presently available at Hafiz Livestock Farm for breeding purposes. Furthermore, we are also using Sexed Semen technology at our farm. The benefits of using sexed semen are:

  • Creates approximately 90% females;
  • Reduces disease risk from purchased replacements;
  • Control replacement costs; and
  • 90% female sperm in each straw.

In livestock farming fodder and feed for the cattle is an expensive proposition and maintaining green fodder availability round the year is a challenge. In order to cater the challenge of providing balanced feeding to cattle throughout the year, Hafiz Livestock Farm manages the availability of Silage by itself. Silage is fermented, high-moisture stored fodder which can be fed to cattle, sheep and other such animals. We have also developed Silage bunkers to prepare and store the feed especially for the period when there is shortage of green fodder.

Additionally waste from the animals is used in Effective Microbe (E.M) Technology which is the latest fertilizer technology used in irrigation systems.

Hafiz livestock Farm also trades hundreds of high quality animals at the occasion of Eid ul Adha for slaughtering.

Research Centre for Conservation of Sahiwal Cattle (RCCSC) is a subsidiary of Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Punjab that was established for conserving Sahiwal cattle breed through genetic improvement. RCCSC has registered Hafiz Livestock Farm for its Sahiwal Cattle breeding. Further, the livestock farm is also registered and recognized with major livestock regulatory bodies of Pakistan.

Another section at Hafiz Livestock Farms is the Horse Section. In this section special breed of horses is being reared. Our have won several prizes especially in Tent Pegging that is a popular game in Pakistan.

Hafiz Livestock Farm has been continuously winning 1st prize every year, at district level contests, since 2006. Especially on the occasion of Jashan-e-Baharan Jhang, several awards have been granted by District Government Jhang to Hafiz Livestock Farms in recognition of its cattle’s Beauty, Health, Milking and many other criteria.

The remarkable features of Hafiz Livestock Farm have been achieved because of the cattle’s proper and timely breeding using natural and artificial insemination, balanced feeding, providing proper hygienic housing, adequate vaccination programs, proper disease cover, and pollution control.