Hafiz Printing Press

As part of the ongoing efforts to diversify the businesses of Hafiz Group of Companies (HGC), we also own a Printing Press. Like most self-publishing decisions, HGC have different reasons for publishing books and these reasons played a big factor in deciding to establish our own Printing Press. The foremost objective behind establishing the printing press was to publish books of various influential authors for the betterment of society. Initially, we outsourced a local printing press for the purpose but later we decided to establish our own printing press and added this business in our portfolio.

Currently, we are one of the most distinguished publishers having our own Printing, Composing, Binding and Designing Sections. The books are published on superior quality paper and material with advanced technology and machines. Heidelberg Printing Machine and Solna 225 – Two Color Press is available for accomplishing the tasks. More than 300 books have been published so far which have impacted a lot for the betterment of society.