Being one of the leading business groups in the country, Hafiz Group of Companies (HGC) has come a long way since starting operations in year 2001. Agricultural farming is the oldest business venture at Hafiz Group of Companies  with the name Hafiz Farms being the cornerstone project followed by Habib Farm, Saif Farm, Nayab Farm and Madni Farm. Together the five farms constitute an area of approximately 200 acres upon which a wide range of crop is cultivated.

Keeping in view the substantial international development in scientific methods of farming, extensive scoping was done in order to select & implement the most beneficial, low cost & high yield farming techniques. The remarkable products of Hafiz Farms are acceptable in international markets such as the European Union and USA. In Pakistan Metro, Makro and Hyperstar are some of the main customers of Hafiz Farms.

Hafiz Nursery is a parallel project of Hafiz Agri Farms established in year 2001 by HGC. The primary purpose of the nursery is to provide enough plants and trees to landscape, the entire 30 acres of Hafiz Nursery. Surplus plants and trees are sold to other nearby nurseries and businesses. Intensive research is done on seeds and seedlings to increase the quality and output of plants and vegetation.

In the year 2002, HGC diversified in the field of construction with the purpose of undertaking contracts of all types of civil, electrical and mechanical projects. Established with the name of Hafiz Builders, we are providing unmatched construction services. Our vision is to reach the highest level of Excellence and Professionalism in the Construction Industry. We have not built homes only but credibility and standards too. Though our main specialization area is house construction and execution, we provide complete range of services to our clients. Our one-window solution includes in-house architectural design or outsourcing it to consulting architects, in-house drafting, approval of submission drawings, grey structure construction, finishing services, completion certificate from concerned authorities, and maintenance services.

In the year 2004, the group further diversified in the field of livestock with the name Hafiz Livestock. We established proper Controlled Sheds, Milking Parlor and Sprinkler Showers to provide the requisite hygienic environment for animals. Our team of talented individuals strives to raise our animals with care, and utilizes modern and advanced farming practices to be efficient and sustainable. The remarkable features of Hafiz Livestock Farm have been achieved because of the cattle’s proper and timely breeding using natural and artificial insemination, balanced feeding, providing proper hygienic housing, adequate vaccination programs, proper disease cover, and pollution control.

A parallel project of Hafiz Oil Feed supports Hafiz Livestock Farm. Cottonseed Oilcake provides a rich source of proteins and is extensively used as a protein supplement in livestock rations. Cottonseed Meal is a common source of protein feed. Hafiz Oil Feed Factory supplies Cotton Seed Meal which is coarse and powdered material which is rich in Protein. The Cotton Seed Meal is produced under hygienic conditions and is prepared after series many stages of oil extraction from decorticated Cottonseed Cake.

In 2005, HGC went into the field of Marble industry. Since that period, we have worked relentlessly to become a symbol of quality, and customer satisfaction. Through relationships with the best quarries in Pakistan, we have acquired the ability to source premium materials at competitive prices. At Hafiz marble we combine tradition and innovation, and our services are all complementary to the activity of architects, builders and homeowners, that, come to us as marble and onyx suppliers in Pakistan.

In the year 2006, the Group adopted Tissue Culture technology in order to excel in the field of agriculture farming. It is the latest technology being applied in agriculture sector of developed countries but unfortunately less attention has been given to Tissue Culture in Pakistan. Tissue Culture Laboratory established by HGC is known to be the pioneer private tissue culture facility in the country with emphasis on development of skills and transfer of technologies to growers.

In the year 2008, the Group went into production of foods and beverages business. Hafiz Foods and Beverages was a food company using soft drinks processing and packaging as a stepping stone to enter into the food business which has made it one of the leading soft drink manufacturing organization of Pakistan. Marketed under the brand name Hafiz Foods (H.F), it expanded its product circle to the Mineral Water with brand name “Aqua Zone” and Mix Pickles with brand name “Tasty Pickle/Mazedar Achaar” which carry great potential. This organization is not only expanding its products but also maintaining its products standard and quality.

In the year 2010, as part of the ongoing efforts to diversify the businesses of Hafiz Group of Companies (HGC), we also own a Printing Press. Like most self-publishing decisions, HGC have different reasons for publishing books and these reasons played a big factor in deciding to establish our own Printing Press. The foremost objective behind establishing the printing press was to publish books of various influential authors for the betterment of society.

In the year 2011, HGC further added a Brick Kiln in its diversified portfolios. The Clay Bricks and Tiles are commonly used in building and constructions, and they are still very much in demand all around the Pakistan. The manufacturing of Clay bricks and Tiles is therefore an indispensable part of the current developmental projects of HGC.

Hafiz Rice Mills is a leading project of Hafiz Group of companies that was established in 2013. We have experience of working nationally and internationally with sound financial capability and import business contacts. The strength of Hafiz Rice Mills is our rice plants, our professional working team, our procurement procedure and our product quality & service. Being a certified member of Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan, we are also suppliers to major international rice markets such as Germany, Australia, Italy, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Habib Foundation was established by HGC as a response to the devastating flood which affected Central and Southern Punjab in September 2014. It was started as a natural humanitarian response to the misery which people in Jhang district were suffering through. The initial efforts were confined to the mobilization of personal and organizational resources of Hafiz Group of Companies. Later on, the foundation was established with a formal plan to uplift the situation of the affected communities. The programs conducted under the banner of Habib Foundation have so far included rescue, relief and uplifting projects for the flood affectees.

In the year 2015, Hafiz Group of Companies (HGC) created specially designed resources to foster independence and a love for learning from an early age to children. The Montessori approach is holistic and aims to develop the whole child. Our main goal in education is to provide an environment where each child aspires for excellence in all fields of life.

The prime purpose of our institute, Little Leaders School is to provide high quality education to the children from middle social strata by engaging them in adeptly designed learning processes as well as focusing on the development of their personality and character in accordance with Islamic values, thus enabling them not only to meet the challenges of ever-growing competitive world but also to contribute towards enrichment of Muslim Ummah.