Hafiz Marble Factory

Who are we?

Hafiz Marble trading is a subsidiary of Hafiz group of companies (HGC), which was founded in 2005 as a marble wholesaler. Since this period, we have worked relentlessly to become a symbol of quality, and customer satisfaction. Through relationships with the best quarries in Pakistan, we have acquired the ability to source premium materials at competitive prices.

What makes us unique?

Natural stones of Pakistan are acknowledged worldwide as best in quality, variety and color. Here Marble and Onyx are found in exclusive colors and shades, which are non-existent in other regions of the world. Through our continuous research and best technologies we can process natural stone to emphasize its details and highlight its beauty. At Hafiz marble we combine tradition and innovation, and our services are all complementary to the activity of architects, builders and homeowners, that, come to us as marble and onyx suppliers in Pakistan.

Why us?

Our commitment is:

  • careful selection of suppliers of quality raw materials;

  • continuous upgrading of our slabs production process;

  • continuous upgrading of our slabs selling system and providing competitive prices;
  • meet and exceed the expectations of our valuable clientele.


Our company is divided into two complementary segments, to meet your needs: the production of custom products and wholesale marble selling.

Custom products

We are able to produce numerous work edge details, standard or recessed drainer grooves, under mounted or inset kitchen sinks, complicated curved finished of worktops, cut outs, up stands, splash backs, wall coverings, flooring with pattern designs and mixed colours to create your own personal taste as required.

We craft the ideal stone by combining latest cutting and polishing technology with traditional hand finishing executing different types of stone which is fitted by our own professional fitter team within the country for commercial and residential projects. We employ some of the most resourceful and creative talent available that includes skills in the following areas:

Custom made marble flooring

Custom Marble Flooring Design is the best and most reliable solution for your floor. It is an elegant and lavish material that has a rich history in the building sector. Many architects and designers worldwide prefer marble over other construction materials. Custom Marble Flooring Design benefits our clients in many ways.  It’s an elegant option for any space. For example, you can find a design for your entryway, bathroom, foyer, living room, lobby and kitchen.

This marble floor design will change the look of your entryway if installed by an expert like Hafiz marble trading. Indeed, it’s a design that will capture the attention of your visitors whenever they enter your house or office. Blending it with marble tiles and slabs will give it a more appealing look. Our Marble patterns are hand crafted and we are specialist in making unique and amazing designs. We also make custom marble patterns designs on customer’s request.

Marble mosaic tiles and medallions

Mosaic Medallion are created with small pieces of marble. Making mosaic medallion is an ancient art and we have craftsman who have mastered this craft to perfection. Marble mosaic medallion and tiles provide widespread options to improve the look of your home. We create well-polished marble floor medallions that do not have gaps or grout between the pieces used. This makes it easy to clean our marble flooring designs. You can order custom mosaic medallions and designs from us.

Wholesalers of Marble

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