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Agricultural farming is the oldest business venture at Hafiz Group of Companies (HGC) with Hafiz Farms being the cornerstone project followed by Habib Farm, Saif Farm, Nayab Farm and Madni Farm. Together the five farms constitute an area of approximately 200 acres upon which a wide range of crop is cultivated.

Delivering continuity of Grade One production to the end consumer is the mission of every fruit & vegetable grower. This mission formed the basis on which the foundation of HGC Farms was laid down. Keeping in view the substantial international development in scientific methods of farming, extensive scoping was done in order to select & implement the most beneficial, low cost & high yield farming techniques. Consequently the use of ‘Polytunnels’ was adopted at HGC Farms.

HGC is the pioneer in adopting Polytunnels in Pakistan. It brought a revolutionary change in the span of Pakistani farming. Currently both High Walk-In Tunnels & Low Tunnels are being used to obtain a higher yield at our Farms. High Polytunnels help us in obtaining a yield which is approximately 3 times greater than that obtained from a land cultivated using traditional techniques. Additionally the use of Polytunnel technology also allows us to cultivate off-season and exotic fruits & vegetables. Hafiz Farms also prepare Bamboo Tunnels for those growers who cannot afford high cost oriented iron structured Polytunnels.

Moreover, in a bid to improve the quality of the cultivated crop Effective Micro-Organisms Technology (EM Technology) is also being successfully utilized. The EM Technology is known to improve & support human health & hygiene and compost & waste management since it is free from artificial chemicals and is mainly sourced from human food processing and nature. Consequently, a standard of agricultural products has been introduced that would be beneficial for the people of Pakistan.

It is further added that Hafiz Farms are developing vegetable Seedlings transplants. For watering these seedlings, Sprinklers have been installed and have provided excellent uniformity and efficiency. To maintain the moisture for the seedlings roots, Hafiz Farms use Peat Moss mainly as a soil amendment or ingredient in potting soil. On the other side, Plastic Mulching is also used in Hafiz Farms in order to conserve moisture, to improve the fertility, and to reduce weed growth.

The latest Drip Irrigation System is being used in Hafiz Farms and advantages of Maximum use of available water, No water being available to weeds, Maximum crop yield, High efficiency in the use of fertilizers, and less weed growth are being availed. Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigating that saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of many different plants through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters.

Furthermore, another major contribution that HGC has made in establishing scientific farming practices in Pakistan is to set up the first private Tissue Culture Laboratory in the country. The aim of the Laboratory is to gradually initiate the production of ‘Master Seeds’ in Pakistan thus improving yield and quality of the crops.

It is pertinent to mention here that Hafiz Farms has got certification from Bureau Veritas.  Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of testing, inspection and certification programs for the food and agricultural industries. This inspection and testing service protects consumers by confirming that imported food and agricultural products meet agreed national and international standards. Bureau Veritas declares that the products of Hafiz Farms have been found to be compliant in accordance with the standard.

One of the most popular specialties of Hafiz Farms is its Dates Farm. Pakistan has become the third largest country in the world that is exporting dates to the rest of the world. Hafiz Farms started to grow dates by introducing several varieties. Hafiz Farms plays a dominant role in dates farming with the best quality and with 26 varieties of dates such as Ajwa, Halawii, Zaadi, Daki, Khudram, Halas, Mikran, Bahis Katora, Ambar, Zamurd, Badam, Lolo, Mahad Jewel, Peer Wali and Daad etc.

Known for its delicious fruits, Hafiz Farms own a Fruit Orchard that provides some of the best fruits to the country’s fruit markets. Fruit Orchard covers an area of 7 acres and consists of several national and imported fruit trees such as Mango, Peach, Fruiter, Musammi, Kinnow, Shakri, Chikoo, Mitah, Fig, Aloocha, Berry, Shahtoot, Pomegranate, Apple, Olive, Grapes and Pear etc.

The remarkable products of Hafiz Farms are acceptable in international markets such as the European Union and USA. In Pakistan Metro, Makro and Hyperstar are some of the main customers of Hafiz Farms. One of the distinctions of Hafiz Farms’ products is its continuous winning 1st prize at district level contests from the last ten years.

The ongoing research environment of Hafiz Farms has grasped the attention of different universities, institutions and researchers as well. Especially Agriculture universities and institutions prefer Hafiz Farms for the study tours of their students. Hafiz Farms also provide internship opportunity to the students of universities and colleges. Every year a number of university students avail the opportunity and complete their internship at Hafiz Farms. To promote the agricultural research environment in Pakistan and to fulfil the thirst of researchers different Seminars and Workshops are arranged at Hafiz Farms in which students, growers, and research scholars are invited. Horticultural Departments of different organizations also collaborate with Hafiz Farms in Research & Development.

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HGC Agricultural Produce Portfolio

A wide variety of fruits & vegetables are cultivated here at HGC Farms. Below is a portfolio of the said products:


Cucumbers Hot Peppers Beets Onions Squash Broccoli Sweet Peppers
Potato Cabbage Radishes Carrots Swiss Chard Ladyfinger Lemons
Pumpkin Lettuce Maize Peas Turnip Cauliflower Tomatoes (including Cherry Tomatoes)


Seedless Watermelon Strawberries Various varieties of Dates including  Ajwa